If you find yourself dealing with addiction and mental illness, you’re not alone. A large majority of individuals who abuse mind-altering substances also suffer from an untreated psychological disorder. In order to successfully manage your dual conditions, you need professional help. Mental health and substance abuse treatment can address the symptoms of both disorders and help guide you towards recovery.

The Need for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

a happy and healthy young woman after Mental health and substance abuse treatment It’s hard to pinpoint the exact link between substance abuse and mental wellness, but there is a definite connection. Either condition can exist first, and both produce their own set of symptoms. In some cases, individuals first turn to drug or alcohol abuse in an effort to temporarily relieve the symptoms of an emotional disorder. Other times, prolonged substance abuse leads to the development of mental illness. Not surprisingly, individuals who first struggle with a mood disorder are more likely than others to engage in substance abuse at some point in their lives.

Both addiction and mental illness can make it difficult to be successful at work and home and to maintain relationships with other people. Many individuals struggling with substance abuse and psychological disorder become withdrawn and isolate themselves from family and friends. This can quickly turn in to a desolate situation.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to conquer your psychiatric condition and addiction problem on your own, it’s time to consider another method. Drug and alcohol abuse tend to magnify the symptoms of mental illness, so it’s important to find professional help right away. A mental health and substance abuse treatment center can help you gradually regain the control you’ve lost over your life. Start looking for a dual diagnosis rehab that offers quality addiction and mental health treatment.

We Are a Primary Mental Health Treatment Facility

Just like everyone else who enters rehab, you will arrive with your own specific recovery needs. In order for substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment to work, each of your physical, emotional, and social needs must be addressed. Fortunately, the best mental health and substance abuse treatment San Diego, CA has to offer shouldn’t be hard to find if you know what to look for.

First, find a dual diagnosis rehab that can personalize your substance and treatment and mental health treatment plans according to your exact needs. This could include a variety of treatment approaches, such as detox, counseling, psychotherapy, holistic therapy, and support groups.

Secondly, find mental health and substance abuse treatment that can fit around your schedule. If you’re unable to stay at rehab for several weeks or more at a time, an Intensive Outpatient Program may work best for you. If you need structured mental health treatment that involves overnight stays, opt for a Residential Program.

Last but not least, find a mental health and substance abuse treatment center that is experienced at treating the most severe psychiatric conditions. In addition to anxiety and depression, this could also include schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and multiple personality disorders.

We are also able to treat those without any substance abuse. If you or a loved one is struggling solely with a mental health disorder, our team is able to help. Our therapies provide individuals with the care, tools, and, support they need to succeed.

Consider our San Diego, CA Rehab

Your search for the best mental health and substance abuse treatment San Diego, CA can offer has brought you to Wings Recovery. We offer a wide range range of options when it comes to substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment. We’re ready to help personalize a treatment plan that can help you regain your mental health and sobriety.

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Rehabilitation Begins Now

Don’t waste any more time suffering through mental illness and substance abuse. Mental health and substance abuse treatment at Wings Recovery in San Diego, CA can help you achieve total health. Contact Wings Recovery today at 760.793.8063 to learn more about how treatment at our center can prepare you for lifelong mental health and sobriety.