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San Diego’s Gender-Specific Mental Health  and Trauma Treatment Center 

Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment for Men and Women  

At Wings Recovery, you are never left to suffer alone. We believe that the individual attention and care you receive at our mental health trauma treatment center is a crucial part of your successful recovery, which is why we provide the compassionate, skilled, and patient-centered approach necessary for lasting recovery. Let us be there for you as you embark upon your healing journey.

A Qualified &

The Wings Recovery staff is comprised of compassionate, experienced clinicians, including PhDs, MDs, licensed marriage and family therapists, and clinical psychologists and counselors. No matter who you work with during your time with us, you are assured exceptional care from beginning to end. 

A Tailored Treatment Approach

We’re proud to offer a variety of therapies and mental health care programs to ensure our clients get the attention they need. No two people need the same exact care, so we tailor our approach to meet the needs of every individual in a gender-specific environment. 

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

The Wings Recovery treatment approach addresses the full range of mental health issues through tailored men’s and women’s support, each of which include their own residential, PHP, and IOP treatment options. No matter the level of care, you benefit from a range of therapies:

Treatment Programs




What We Treat 

Our trained staff specializes in the treatment of PSTD, relational and development trauma, and dissociative disorders. Many men and women live with the effects of trauma without knowing that their life experiences have been traumatic. Even when PSTD is not a primary diagnosis, there are often times relational and development traumas underlying other mental health issues and co-occurring diagnosis. We get to the root cause of your mental health needs to identify the appropriate issue and ensure your treatment plan is effectively targeting these areas.  

  • Anxiety Disorders 
  • Mood Disorders 
  • Personality Disorders 
  • Trauma & Traumatic Memories 
  • Co-Occurring Issues 
  • Psychotic Disorders 

Wings Recovery is in-network

Out-of-Network Insurance Accepted:

  • Cigna 
  • Sharp Health Plan
  • Optum 
  • United Behavioral Health 
  • Assurant 
  • Providence
  • Scripps Health Plan
  • Moda
  • EBMS
  • GEHA
  • & More