Group Therapy

Group Therapy for Women in San Diego

Group therapy is an important part of any mental health treatment program. Many women have suffered alone, with no one they felt they could trust to share their story with. That feeling of isolation can be incredibly painful.

For many women entering treatment for the first time, it is a huge relief to be able to sit and share with a group of other women who understand you and have been through similar experiences.

Your First Therapy Group

Many women also feel nervous when attending a therapy group for the first time. This is natural—group therapy is not like other groups or conversations you might have been part of before! The level of vulnerability that group members show is matched only by the compassionate support of their peers. 

But after their first group or two, many women find that this is one of their favorite parts of the treatment experience. And at Wings, a skilled therapist is always present to guide the group process and make sure you feel safe.

Group Therapy Schedule

In our Residential and PHP programs, you will have regular group therapy every day, Monday through Friday, as well as participating in holistic therapy groups and other fun group activities on the weekends. In our IOP program, you attend group therapy three days per week, for a total of nine hours.

Types of Group Therapy

At Wings, we offer several different types of group therapy.

Process groups are open-ended conversations in which group members share their feelings, including their hopes, fears, frustrations, and triumphs. Group members are encouraged to practice active listening and empathy for others.

Receiving feedback from your peers is an amazing way to learn about yourself and how you function in relationships. A therapist guides the flow of the group, but there is no set topic or curriculum in a process group.

Learn about trauma and how to overcome its effects. This is also a group where many women feel comfortable opening up and sharing their stories.
CBT and DBT are evidence-based therapies that teach you new ways of relating to your thoughts, emotions, and actions. These therapies are proven to help you better manage difficult emotions and other mental health symptoms.

Many of us learn unhealthy relationship patterns in our families of origin. In this group, you will learn to create boundaries and set yourself up for the healthy relationships you deserve.

Did you know that many mental health diagnoses, such as depression, are vulnerable to a relapse of symptoms? Learn the coping skills and support structures you need to keep your recovery on the right track.

Holistic Therapy Groups

At Wings, we believe that balancing mind, body, and spirit is essential to a healthy recovery from mental health issues. That’s why we offer a wide range of holistic group therapies, all facilitated by experts in their fields.
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