Why does Wings Recovery offer a partial hospitalization program? What does this type of treatment delivery setup provide to clients? Most importantly, where does it fall on the continuum of care? Your questions – answered.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

doctor discussing a partial hospitalization program with a potential client Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) in San Diego includes intensive therapy Monday through Friday. Clients receive extensive individual and group therapy and medication management in order to meet their treatment goals while still living at home.

Where a Partial Hospitalization Program Falls on the Continuum of Care

A partial hospitalization program isn’t for everyone but can be very beneficial for some. While residential care provides 24/7 care, a partial hospitalization program balances your regular life with recovery. It’s a good option for those that have young children or jobs that can’t be left to enter residential care.

In addition, many former residential care patients turn to partial hospitalization programs when their stint is up. It’s a step down from full-time care, while still keeping the structure for you to stay on the right track. You’ll still have various therapies and treatment programs to attend, but you’re able to live outside the facility with your family.

How is a Residential Treatment Program Different?

Unlike a partial hospitalization program, a residential treatment program has you to live at the facility. You immerse yourself in the therapeutic atmosphere. Friendly therapists and peers in recovery are all around. If you encounter a hiccup, there’s always someone there to talk you through it.

For example, if you’re dealing with traumatic situations from the past, you may have a breakthrough after hours. It may be necessary for you to have the round-the-clock care that a residential facility provides.

For both programs, Wings Recovery offers a variety of programs and therapies to help you through your addiction and mental health issues. Possible treatments include:

  • Talk therapy that takes place in the privacy of a specialist’s office to talk through the difficult topics
  • Group therapy program has the tools for exploring a variety of processes for healing
  • Substance abuse treatment that focuses on behavioral counseling and coping skills development
  • Psychotherapy for mental health conditions that currently make it difficult to function well
  • Experiential therapies that encourage stress management, self-esteem development, and peer interactions
  • Nutritional counseling and yoga, which emphasize a return to healthy living after program graduation

How to Enroll in Treatment

At Wings Recovery, the goal is to make enrollment as easy as possible. Learn more about where you fall on the continuum of care and what options are right for you. Caring intake specialists look forward to answering your questions and running an insurance verification. Contact Wings Recovery at 760.793.8063 today for immediate assistance.