At Wings Recovery, we offer a broad variety of therapeutic approaches and programs, each of which is tailored to the individual patient. Primary among these is our individual therapy program, which is often utilized in conjunction with other approaches. Our experienced staff of licensed therapists and counselors have helped hundreds of women through a wide range of mental issues, especially those involving trauma. In fact, at Wings Recovery, each of our patients gets a primary therapist as well as a trauma therapist. We know that open lines of communication are an important first step on the road to taking your life back and learning to cope. We also know how important it is to have someone there to listen, to give sound therapeutic advice, and ultimately to help ease your transition back into everyday life. Our individual therapy program provides just that kind of support.

What is an Individual Therapy Program?

therapist and client having a session during an individual therapy programIndividual therapy involves a client meeting one-on-one with a licensed counselor or therapist. During each session, the two talk about stressful situations and then come up with practical ways of dealing with them. For example, a therapist may help a patient with relaxation techniques or provide exercises that help them to learn and develop coping skills.

When someone is struggling with their mental health, an individual therapy program can provide the support necessary to turn things around. From common problems like depression and anxiety to more intense disorders like bipolar disorder or PTSD, individual therapy can help clients manage their symptoms and learn the coping skills they need.

In addiction treatment, individual therapy is often included as part of a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis occurs when in addition to a substance abuse problem you also suffer from an underlying mental health condition such as bipolar disorder. Conditions such as these increase your risk of dependency and make it harder for you to achieve sobriety. Treating both at the same time provides you with the best possible odds of success.

What Happens During Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy program sessions take place in private settings and normally last around an hour or so. In the beginning, you may see a therapist weekly, but the frequency will likely decrease as you get closer to meeting your goals. For example, you may have only bi-weekly sessions for a while and then move to monthly appointments. The frequency will depend on your needs and what you and your therapist hope to accomplish. Individuals will work to become comfortable discussing difficult topics with their therapist as they work towards their goals.

Advantages of Individual Therapy

An individual therapy program is designed to suit your unique needs. Counselors often do not set an agenda for their sessions, instead, they allow your responses to questions dictate how to proceed. Accordingly, you can expect each session to be somewhat different, yet still follow a predictable pattern.

An individual therapy program in San Diego, CA is private and held only between you and your therapist. This makes many people feel comfortable enough to open up about things that bother them. From simple things like what causes stress to deeper issues like past problems with family members, an individual therapy program can help you work through it all.

When it comes to addiction treatment, this means that you may discover reasons for your drug use that you previously hadn’t thought of.

Individual counseling can take place anywhere. Although it is a big part of treatment here at Wings Recovery, many of our clients also continue it when they leave here. As such, we often include it in many of our aftercare programs as well.

During individual sessions, you receive personalized attention. This means your therapist will get to know you better and can, therefore, better recommend other programs that might benefit you as well.

Our Other Programs

As noted, we offer more than just an individual therapy program in San Diego, CA. A few other methods we might include in your treatment plan are:

By combining these treatments with your individual therapy program, we can come up with a plan that best suits your needs. Through this treatment plan, you will learn how to manage your mental health properly in order to live a fulfilling and healthy life. Coping skills, problem-solving skills, and other tools allow you to identify the signs and symptoms of your mental health disorder and how to manage them.

When it comes to dual diagnosis, we know that each person has different reasons for using drugs or alcohol, and therefore requires a unique approach to treatment. At Wings Recovery, you will have all the resources you need under one roof to live a sober, drug-free life again.

Quality Treatment in San Diego

If you are looking for a high-quality individual therapy program, you’ll find it at Wings Recovery. Don’t delay getting treatment when we can help put you on the path to recovery today. To get started, contact Wings Recovery right away at 760.793.8063. Speak with an admissions representative who will advise you on how to take the next step.