Holistic therapy treats your whole being, not just your disorder. A holistic therapy program forms around the belief that each person has physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects to their being. All of these aspects must balance to solve the problems caused by the disorder and bring the individual to whole-person wellness.

A holistic therapy program San Diego does not use only holistic methods for treating mental health or addiction disorders. Instead, the holistic methods work as a complement to mental health and addiction treatment.

Here are just some examples of the holistic groups Wings Recovery provies:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Equine therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Art therapy

Benefits of a Holistic Therapy Program

woman meditating during her holistic therapy program The key benefits of a holistic therapy program come from treating the whole person – not just their symptoms. Holistic methods help find the root cause of the mental health disorder or addiction. This helps you avoid relapse.

There are no quick fixes in holistic methods. Instead, for your holistic therapy program in San Diego to work, you must execute some real lifestyle changes. You must understand that you hold all of the responsibility for your own wellness. This starts with self-awareness but gives you greater control over your life, after it has felt so out of control for so long.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical care quality only accounts for 10 percent of a person’s overall wellness. Environment factors accounts for 19 percent and genetics account for 18 percent of your wellness. But your daily lifestyle choices account for 53 percent of your well-being. Holistic care focuses on this 53 percent.

Your holistic therapy program uses helpful methods, never harmful ones. These methods include non-invasive approaches and natural remedies. This does not mean that holistic methods take the place of all medications. Instead, you benefit from holistic approaches alongside necessary medications.

Finding Your Own Holistic Path to Wellness

Many methods exist within the holistic realm. Overall, you need to find methods that help you create a stronger sense of self and balance in your life. These methods should help you love yourself, too. Remember that the four elements of the self are mind, body, spirit, and environment, and to seek out approaches that fulfill your needs in those areas.

When you find approaches that help you feel your best in treatment, use these methods when you return to your home community. For example, if creative arts help you relax, explore your inner self and communicate your thoughts and feelings, continue using creative endeavors for these benefits after treatment. Or if yoga works well in your whole-person wellness and balance, seek studios or classes in your community.

The treatment environment helps you learn what works best for your wellness. Going forward in your life, your whole-person health must remain a priority. After all, you can only live a happy and fulfilling life when you feel good.

Holistic Methods in San Diego Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Holistic treatment approaches work very well in both individual and group sessions. They also complement a complete San Diego mental health and addiction treatment program, including:

For a holistic therapy program as part of accredited mental health and addiction treatment, talk to Wings Recovery Center in San Diego, CA. Wings Recovery Center provides the therapies and services you need for your healthiest future. Contact Wings Recovery now at 760.793.8063 to learn more about available programs and treatment methods.