At Wings Recovery, there’s no judgment. Besides that, there are no generic treatment approaches. In contrast, there is mental health and substance abuse therapy that adapts to your unique needs. Here’s what this therapy looks like among mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Evidence-Based Treatments Assist with Healing from Mental Health Challenges

three friends in treatment discussing mental health and substance abuse therapyTherapists customize the mental health therapy San Diego, CA residents can count on. Whether you struggle with a borderline personality disorder, dissociative disorders, or depression, there’s a care protocol. As you might imagine, the gold standard of any mental health and substance abuse therapy is talk treatment. Examples include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment that helps you undo negative self-talk and dysfunctional connections between thoughts and feelings
  • Dialectical behavior treatment that empowers you to take back control from intense emotions
  • Trauma treatment for clients who need Wings Recovery’s assistance with reprocessing situations from the past, including the use of EMDR, IFS, CRM and other modalities to help heal from traumatic events
  • Individual therapy for co-occurring mental health and addiction conditions
  • Motivational interviewing that strengthens your ability to take ownership of the therapy and proceed with healing
  • Mentalization therapy and Mindfulness meditation to help increase awareness and improve your relationship with yourself and others

The mental health and substance abuse therapy San Diego, CA counts on takes place in complete safety. Therapists’ primary goal is to make you feel comfortable and secure. You know that you’re among peers who’re also seeking help. They provide positive feedback and peer encouragement.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapy Combine for Healing from Addiction

Behavioral therapy is an essential aspect of recovering from substance abuse. Often, people take drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. For example, clients might struggle with the effects of anxiety. Rather than getting professional help, they drink alcohol.

It creates a temporary increase in dopamine. At the substance abuse therapy San Diego, CA looks to for help, therapists know that it calms them down. Therefore, it works for a short period. However, after the initial success, it results in a drinking problem.

Now, you struggle with anxiety as well as alcohol addiction. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been self-medicating with stimulants because of depression. They help you get going. Eventually, they also create a chemical dependency.

The mental health and substance abuse therapy that works focuses on the development of healthy coping skills. Besides that, you build up functional life and social skills. In the cases of co-occurring conditions, the substance abuse therapy San Diego, CA looks to for assistance employs experiential treatments. Examples include:

  • Equine therapy, which opens the door to stress relief and self-esteem building
  • Creative arts as a therapeutic means of reducing apprehension and expressing yourself completely
  • Field trips as part of mental health and substance abuse therapy for developing social skills without substance use
  • Yoga, which helps ground you in the present through breathing techniques and mindfulness stretches
  • Vocational counseling that helps you look ahead to a time of being part of a workplace
  • Nutritional therapy, which enables you to gain a better understanding of how to embrace a healthy lifestyle after program graduation
  • Acupuncture for stress relief, pain management, and mental clarity
  • Meditation gardens to help clear the mind and feel connected to nature
  • Pet therapy to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and learn essential life skills

Taking Advantage of Group Dynamics for Healing

Wings Recovery also incorporates groups in the mental health and substance abuse therapy San Diego, CA trusts. These groups are small and intimate. They don’t overwhelm you. Instead, they give everyone a chance to voice their opinions and offer input.

They’re invaluable for building up your self-esteem. Besides that, they provide you with opportunities for learning. Cases in point are the process groups. The mental health therapy San Diego, CA counts on emphasizes communication for interpersonal effectiveness.

Find out more about mental health and substance abuse therapy at Wings Recovery. Caring therapists want to answer all of your questions. Most importantly, they provide you with the information you need to start the enrollment process. Contact Wings Recovery at 760.793.8063 now.